It is written…

In the Before Time, in the age of the urth that was, the gods made men as themselves and then set them upon the urth to dwell. And the men did raise up villages, and cities and great empires. And they did plumb the mysteries of stone and plant and animal, until they became schooled in the arts of sorcery. And thus did the sorcerers of old urth become as gods themselves. And like the old gods, the sorcerers of the urth that was breathed life into lifeless things, and they took the low animals and made them into men to be their servitors.

And thus then did they look upon the old gods and saw that they were gods themselves, and had no need of those that had wrought them. And the sorcerers of the Urth That Was did make war upon the old gods and cast them down. And then, as gods and men are wont to do, the sorcerers grew jealous each of the other, and in their pride and the fullness of their sense of greatness they did make war upon each other formed two tribes: they that had raised up the animals into the chimera, and those that had breathed life into the lifeless to make the daemonica.

For centuries the sorcerers and their servants races made war upon each other, and did rend the very urth itself until all the land was laid waste, and the seas boiled and the very air became a poison until, at last, the great host of Sorcerers was reduced to a single godling from each tribe – each imbued with all the powers of his fellows, and of all who had come before him, down the long line of men.

In final combat, these two met at last. Their arcane powers set the very skys aflame, and the Urth That Was itself was scarred and sundered. And thus the last of the Sorcerers of Urth That Was smote each the other, and the terrible magics they contained were loosed upon the Urth.

But then rose Kinyras Allfather, and with the last of the sorcery of the Urth That Was, He fashioned from his flesh two daughters, Issa and Theda, and he made them his wives. And with them he remade the Urth That Was into the new Urth. And from the broken remnants he remade the creatures of the Urth. With his daughter-wives, he took up the souls of the old men and made the numen, and his daughters were fecund, and the numen prospered. But of his daughter wives, the Allfather favored Issa, for she was bright spirit and loved all the grew and was born. But the other sister, Theda, favored order above chaos, and grew jealous of her sister and made cause with the daemonica.

Thus, as in the Urth That Was, the sisters-wives quarreled. And the Allfather grew sad, because he loved each daughter-wife. And so that there should be peace among them, he gave dominion over all that grows and breathes, of all that lives and dies, to his daughter-wife Issa. And to his daughter-wife Theda, he game dominion over all that lives without breath or blood, over all the stones and the seas and the sky. And he set them each in their place, so that they should meet only rarely, giving one the sun in the sky for a domain, and the other the moon in the dark.

And so that the Urth should not be razed again, the Allfather cast down the old sorcery, and made the numen forget the old ways. And then, because he could not bear to see his daughter-wives quarrel, he went deep into the Urth to slumber until such time as the daughters should make common cause.

Thus the new Urth came to be. Issa raised up the numen, and gave them the warmth of the sun, and the fruit of the trees, and the animals for meat. And the numen prospered and went forth to fill the world. But Theda despaired of having dominion only over the daemons and the stones and the seas and the sky and wanted for the company equals. Thus, through the daemons, Theda gave the numen fire and tools and knowledge. And the numen left their glades and build villages and town and cities. They took the gift of steel brought by Theda’s minion Laran and made mighty empire and city-states.

Thus the new urth came to be.

Sagas of the New Urth

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