Lúthien Sérëdhiel

Daræleph healer and wanderer



CON 10
INT 16
POW 10
DEX 13
APP 21
EDU 13

Trained Skills

Bow 50
Climb 46
Dodge 66
First Aid 60
Insight 25
Know (Blasphemous Lore) 47
Know (Herbalism) 75
Language (Common) 35
Language(Elven) 80
Literacy (Elven) 50
Medicine 73
Persuade 55
Ride 30
Spot 28
Stealth 45


For one of the Æleph, Lúthien is suprisingly young. She was, by her own account, born fully grown and fully dressed about four years ago on the banks of the Sérëdhiel River that flowed far to the west, deep within some of the most wild and forbidden places of the urth. Covered in scars from some titanic battle of her past and branded on the forearm with a mark signifying that she has been cast out, the only thing Lúthien could remember for certain was her language and her first name. She spent time in the forest with an hunter who found her, a half-trog named Angvar. He kindled a love of nature and life in the elf, teaching her many of the secrets of the world’s plants and a body’s road to healing.

She might have never left the wood, were it not for the dreams. Lúthien’s only connection to her past was in fragmented dreams: faces she recognized and felt emotion for but could never name, intimately familiar places without a road to find them, and an overwhelming sense that she had lost her own identity. The mystery of who she once was drove her to wander in search of anything that might prompt her memory to return.

Lúthien Sérëdhiel

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