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The World of the New Urth
h3. Religion

The West

The dominant religion of the western city-states is the worship of the two sisters. Few pray to their father-god, Kinyras, who canon hold is gone from the world of men.

  • Kinyras Allfather
  • Issa – Goddess of the sun and all living things
  • Theda – Goddess of the moon and all non-living things

Race specific gods

  • Teck – Zwerc god

Demons of note

  • Thangren Archfiend. The whisperer in the dark.


Free City of Kalidon

  • The Skeeves
  • The Blue Dravin
  • The Brown Dravin


The Five Familes
The Guilds

There are two broad classification of living intelligent races to be found in new Urth. These are the Numen, races of men, and the Chimera, races raised by the sorcerers from non-human stock.


Men – by far the most numerous of all the races, men are the descendants of the non-differentiated first peoples. They are little changed from the first men in the days before the great sorcerers rose to power.

Æleph – The elevated one. These are the ‘chosen people’, raised up from men and made ‘perfect’. They posses long lives (some say immortal), beauty, height, intelligence and enhanced senses. The tend to be physically weaker than men, but more dexterous than men. They remain aloof from the other races of the new Urth.

Daræleph – The ‘Tainted’ or ‘dark ones’,. These are impure Æleph, rejected by their kind for flaws physical and or mental, or having less than pure bloodlines. The Daræleph show the benefit of hybrid vigor and are typically stronger and more robust than their purebred cousins. The Æleph recognized a large variety of ‘dark ones’, but outsiders are often vexed to understand the differentiation.

Zwerc – Numen of short stature, but typically of more strength than men, and possessing a facile ability with crafts and mechanical skills.


Faelex – Feloid creatures known for their endurance, keen sight and dexterity. Faelex are only moderately social and are as like to be in the company of other races as their own kind.

Kindred – Canoid creatures of strength, loyalty and and easy affability. They posses keen smell and hearing and a generally gregarious nature.

Trogs – Powerful, but less intelligent gorilloid creatures, trogs can be half again as big as a man, with tremendous strength and endurance.

Longtooth -

Xizzix -

Nightwing – Sociable yet rare, Nightwing are outcasts due to the myths of violence surrounding their nature. Preferring fruit to meat, Nightwing are generally not avid hunters; however some retain an ability to digest blood which while granting them some advantages also brings madness. The primary strength of Nightwing lies in their hearing and acute echolocation.
Items of Interest

Star Metal – Metal from the gods themselves, incredibly rare, expensive, and durable. Weapons made of this are often those of legendary kings and heroes.

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